Super Mario 3 Was the Best Christmas Present

Added on January 21, 2016

All I wanted for Christmas in 1991 was Super Mario 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was all I talked about, and I am sure I wrote many letters to Santa asking for it as a gift. Looking back as an adult it was odd releasing a highly anticipated game 2  months after Christmas, but that is what they chose to do.

Super Mario 3 Missed Christmas

I think Nintendo hoped children would drive their parents nuts and pay $50 for a game after buying several other games for Christmas. That didn’t happen in my case, which is completely fine. I’m sure it didn’t leave any permanent emotional scarring.

Waiting, hoping and begging made for an amazing christmas present the next year. Under the tree was that familiar box shaped like a nintendo game box. Unwrapping Mario 3 was the greatest feeling. Not only was it one of the greatest games at the time, they even made a movie about it’s greatness.

They Made a Super Mario 3 Book Too?

My mother handed us another present that went with the game. A full color, in-depth strategy guide? I didn’t even know that book existed, or that it would provide hours of entertainment when I could not play video games.

I memorized every strategy, I started drawing the levels and eventually creating my own air ship levels.

Well, before I started drawing levels I obviously had to draw the box cover:

Super Mario 3 Drawing by Calvin Gilbert

We played this game for many years. I recall spending all my free time in 4th grade class drawing air ships anytime I could. I would frequently make cannon noises and other common nintendo sounds while drawing.

To this day, Mario still pulls at my nostalgia strings and I frequently sneak that beautiful, yellow Super Mario 3 box out on a living shelf for my son and I to enjoy.

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